What is Humaniti?

Humaniti was founded in Australia by a team of experts from the research, consulting, personal finance and technology sectors. We operate with the simple mantra of ‘Link, Learn and Earn’. You can link accounts to get daily summaries, learn more about your finances to fast track your savings goals and earn money by answering questions and short surveys. We also donate to charities every time you engage in one of our polls.

How does Humaniti work?

Humaniti is a service that allows you to organise your finances and earn money in the process. Simply link all your accounts and watch your dashboard come to life. You can see topline summaries of all your bank accounts, superannuation balances, reward points, shares, investments, property values and more. You can also learn where you are spending, to save money and track financial goals. If you choose to you can also earn money on Humaniti by answering questions and short surveys.

Is Humaniti safe and secure?

Yes. Humaniti takes data security very seriously. Humaniti employs industry standard and bank-level SSL encryption technology and firewalls to protect Humanitirians data. You can read more about our security process here https://www.humaniti.com/security/

What is a ‘Humanitirian’?

Humanitirian is the name we give members of the Humaniti community.

How do I request a new feature, send feedback or ask any questions?

Send us an email to support@humaniti.com – we’d love to hear from you

Which banks do Humaniti support?

Humaniti covers over 200 institutions in Australia including all the leading banks, superannuation funds and share trading platforms. If your institution is missing, just let us know at support@humaniti.com

How does Humaniti make money?

While helping you organise and learn about your finances, and to keep the Humaniti application free for you, we create anonymised and de-identified information from surveys and spending behaviours to help businesses and charities inform their decision making. Privacy is of paramount important to us and we never let anyone see your identified information, and you will never be marketed to using our service.

Which charities do you support?

Humaniti will give you a choice of charities that you can choose to donate money earned through surveys to. This is entirely voluntary. If your preferred charity isn’t there please send an e-mail to support@humantiti.com and we will investigate adding it.

Why do you ask questions when I am signing up to Humaniti?

These questions give you the ability to see how you compare to different groups across Australia and means you will receive the most relevant surveys to help you earn more money from Humaniti.

Will my contact details be shared with anyone by signing up to Humaniti?

Absolutely not. At no time will any contact details be shared with anyone. To read more about our privacy policy visit https://www.humaniti.com/privacy-policy/

What happens if I forget my Humaniti password?

Simply click on ‘forgot password’ and we will e-mail you a link to reset it

What happens if I want close to close my Humaniti account?

Just send us an e mail to support@humaniti.com and while we will be sorry to see you go, we will close your account within 5 business days.