Partnering Leukodystrophy Australia

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Humaniti is honoured to be able to partner and support Leukodystrophy Australia.

‘Leukodystrophy’ refers to a group of over 40 identified (plus more unidentified) conditions that affect the myelin, or white matter, of the brain and spinal cord, which in turn, impacts the ability of the nervous system to send its signals throughout the body.

Most leukodystrophies occur in childhood, and while developments in genetic and other therapies provide hope for the future, there is currently no cure.

Leukodystrophy Australia exists to provide information, support and advocacy to individuals and families affected by leukodystrophy, to raise awareness of this group of conditions, and to encourage leukodystrophy-related research.

Leukodystrophy Australia receives no Government funding. Instead the organisation relies on the generosity of donors, subscribers, fundraisers and philanthropic organisations to maintain the level of support that we know individuals & families affected by this group of conditions need and deserve. To learn more, feel free to visit

Humaniti will be working to help raise funds and conduct research to support those affected by this rare and terrible condition.

Those interested in supporting this partnership can join Humaniti and donate some of the money they earn on our platform to this worthy cause.


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