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A simple, secure, and free budgeting app to help you build a brighter financial future and earn extra money along the way

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Our community of 50,000+ members is growing by the day and we warmly welcome Pocketbook users looking to make the switch to a new budgeting app

Why Humaniti is the best alternative to Pocketbook

Humaniti was created to help all Australians, no matter their stage in life. Our success is built around offering our members the tools to help take control of their finances, while rewarding them with real cash when they share their opinion.

Link your accounts to get a 360 view of your finances

Understand your net worth and track it over time

View how you're spending and learn where you can save

Track your spending on subscriptions

Understand how your super compares to Australians like you

Earn money by taking part in surveys 

Still unsure if Humaniti is the right budgeting app for you?

More about us:

What is Humaniti?

Humaniti was founded in Australia by a team of experts from the research, consulting, personal finance and technology sectors. We operate with the simple mantra of ‘Link, Learn and Earn’. Humaniti is a safe and easy-to-use personal finance app where you can securely link your banking, share trading and super accounts, learn how to build a better financial future and earn extra money along the way.

As Pocketbook has now closed, the Humaniti community welcomes Pocketbook users looking for an alternative personal finance and budgeting app!

Why Humaniti?

At Humaniti, we listen to feedback from our 50,000-strong community to deliver the features our members value most – including secure connection to more than 240 financial institutions in Australia.

Wondering where your money goes each month? Unsure how much you should be saving for retirement or how your super compares to other Australians like you? Keen to know your net worth and how it tracks over time?

Once your savings, investment and superannuation accounts along with any other assets and liabilities are securely linked, you can relax knowing you have the tools you need to understand your spending, compare your super, and manage your budgets.

Best of all, Humaniti is free and easy to join!

How is Humaniti different from other budgeting apps?

Humaniti is more than just a personal finance and budgeting app. Other than helping you better understand your current financial position with a 360-degree view of your finances, it can help improve your earnings with exclusive member access to our paid surveys. Humaniti members get paid to help businesses make better decisions by sharing their personal opinions and experiences.

How to get started

It's fast and easy to make the switch from Pocketbook to Humaniti. Simply follow these steps:


Sign up with Humaniti using the referral code POCKET

The sign up process at Humaniti is easy and takes less than a couple of minutes. Sign up here!


Link your bank accounts to get a 360° view of your finances

Securely link your financial accounts to power up your dashboard. Discover your net worth and see simple summaries that will help you manage your money.


Complete your welcome survey to earn $3.00

Once you've linked your accounts, Humaniti uses de-identified spending behaviour to qualify specific groups of people for research. Earn extra money every month if you choose to participate by completing short surveys.

Complete your welcome survey for your first $3.00.

What our members are saying

This is a fantastic secure tool where it’s possible to track bank balances, superannuation balances loyalty balances and much more with one login. I wasn’t aware anything like this existed and everyone should have access to this one stop shop. I love it.Kevin, WA

I really want to start budgeting my money and saving everything combined in once place to see my financial health. I also love doing surveys and since I can get rewarded by also doing those I thought it was an excellent way to start building up my funds also!.Amy, NSW

81% of our members would recommend Humaniti to their family and friends!

Humaniti focuses on your security & privacy

Australian Privacy act compliant

Humaniti will never sell or direct market to you. Surveys are solely for market research purposes. Your personal information will never be shared with third parties.

Security technology backed by security experts

Humaniti uses the latest encryption technology backed by external security experts.

Bank and super credentials are not stored

When you connect your bank account, super account, or share account to Humaniti, login details are not stored, and no transactions can ever take place.

More than a personal finance app

Helping you plan a brighter future and helping those who need it most is why we’re called Humaniti. We partner with charities and not-for-profit organisations to raise awareness, support research needs and donate funds.

As a member of the Pledge1% movement, we donate an extra 10% to charity for every survey that is completed by our members.

We also work with UNICEF to purify drinking water for communities that need help. Our members help every time they complete a poll, and have purified over 1 million litres of water already!

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