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Automatically categorise your transactions

Thanks to digital wallets, making a purchase with the swipe of a device has never been easier — but keeping track of day-to-day spending can be more challenging. 

Humaniti can help by sorting all those transactions to provide a clear picture of regular spending habits. Once an account has been securely linked with the Humaniti personal finance app, transactions are automatically categorised and will show up on the dashboard under headings such as Bills, Transport, Groceries and so on. The categories are presented as bar and pie charts or a more detailed table which provides a handy snapshot of the main areas of spending. 

spending categories chart

There is also the option to create up to five custom categories based on specific spending habits — simply select Categorisation Settings in the mobile app menu and create your new groups. Custom categories are useful when trying to identify where savings might be made. For example, cutting back one coffee a day from the local cafe could save $20 a week, which is a reasonable saving over time. To track how many coffees you actually buy each week, simply set up a custom coffee category and monitor transactions.

Custom category creation

Once a custom category has been created, members can set certain rules. To review spending habits over time, assign existing transactions from the cafe to the coffee category. All future transactions from the same venue will be automatically categorised and appear on the dashboard in the app. This approach can be applied to any area of spending that needs closer monitoring.

transaction assignment

Let us know if you have any feedback to help us improve this feature. We welcome suggestions that can help you budget better and achieve your savings goals – one coffee at a time!

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