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Understand the categories of your spending

2 mins read

Automatic categorisation of your transactions

Good news – we have made categorising your transactions simpler so you can understand the categories of your spending. When you securely link your bank accounts with  Humaniti, we’ll automatically categorise your transactions for you. That way, you can better understand where you’re money is going and where you can save.

spending categories chart



Custom categories to suit your needs

If you need to add a custom category to track your spending habits, that’s also covered. You can easily create up to five custom categories. Simply go to your categorisation settings from the mobile app menu to create a custom category.

This might be useful to you if you want to track a regular payment to a merchant over time to understand your spending. Think you’re buying too many cappucinos every week in your local coffee shop? Simply set up a custom coffee category to understand how much you’re spending.

Custom category creation

Set categorisation rules for your custom category

Once you’ve set up your custom category, you can then choose to assign transactions from your chosen merchants to that category. Simply review your transactions to find those you want to assign to your chosen category. Next, decide if you want all past and future transactions from the same merchant to be automatically be put in the same category.

transaction assignment


Once you’ve set up the simple categorisation rules, you’ll be able to monitor how much you’re spending in that category from your dashboard.


We frequently make updates and enhancements to the app, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please ensure to let us know what would help you budget better and improve your personal finances. Understand the categories of your spending, discover your net worth, and learn how your super compares to Australians like you.