New Feature – Understanding your monthly subscriptions

1 min read

Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Apple music, cloud storage, news platforms, dating apps … they give us personalised products and we love them, but they come at a cost.  Often a monthly cost.

Gone are the days where we simply pay for something once, and never think about it again. From VHS to Netflix, CDs to Spotify, Car Loan to GoGet, we live in a world today where renting and streaming has become the new norm.

The convenience of these services and the availability of huge libraries of content is a marvel of modern technology and gives many access to what they couldn’t have before.

Add this together with the new world of micro-purchases on your phone or tablet and you can quickly find yourself paying hundreds of dollars a month in subscriptions you no longer use! Do you know how much you are actually spending each month?

At Humaniti we’ve launched our new subscriptions feature, to help you get these under control. We automatically analyse your transactions to make visible to you all the things you buy month after month. We’ll also be enhancing this as we go along to bring other less regular subscriptions to light.

So members, log in today and check out the new subscriptions feature. You may be able to save yourself more than you thought!  In fact, one of our founders has already saved himself $480 per year using this feature.


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