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Compare your super to other Australians

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Comparing your super to other Australians like you

Ever wondered how to compare your super balance to other people like you? Building a healthy superannuation balance is an important step in securing a great retirement. However, it’s hasn’t been very easy to compare your super to people like you – until now!

New feature launch – compare your super!

Building on our recent features, Humaniti has recently launched a simple super comparison feature that allows you to understand your superannuation balance versus people in the same age group and gender across Australia. This can help you understand how much you need to retireOnce you know exactly where you sit, you might want to make small changes now, to help your balance grow in the long run….. like regularly putting money directly into your super in addition to your employer contributions.

Our members can also deposit the money earned by completing surveys on Humaniti directly into your super account.  There may even be tax advantages when you top up this way.

How to compare your super to other Australians

Comparing your super to other Australians is very easy with Humaniti’s personal finance app. We already allow you to link your bank accounts to track your spending  and to view your net worth, so linking your super account was a great fit. To compare your super to others, simply link your super account via our mobile apps or web dashboard. Once connected, we’ll do the work behind the scenes to present a view of how your super compares to others like you. Once your super is added, it will also show up in your net worth view.

We hope you like the feature and welcome any feedback. Let us know what you think!