Compare your super to other Australians

How does your super balance compare to other Australians like you?

Building a healthy superannuation balance is an important step in securing a well-funded retirement — but how does your super balance compare to other people at your stage in life? As a Humaniti member there is a simple way to find out.

When you securely link your superannuation fund in the Humaniti app we’ll do the work behind the scenes to present a view of how your super balance compares to others by gender and of a similar age across Australia. 

Humaniti’s superannuation comparison feature will help you understand at a glance if your super balance is tracking at a similar pace to your peers, and if you’re saving enough today to retire with the lifestyle you’d like to enjoy in the future. With your super connected alongside other assets and investments, you’ll also have a clearer picture of your overall net worth. 

Once you know how your super balance compares, you may decide to make small changes today to help your retirement nest egg grow. By making regular contributions to your super in addition to employer contributions, you will see the benefits accrue over time. 

Did you know that as a Humaniti member you can also choose to deposit the money you earn by completing Humaniti surveys directly into your super account? There may even be tax advantages when you top up this way.

Let us know if you find the super balance compare feature useful or if there are other comparison features you’d like to see. We want to help you better understand your finances so you can set yourself up for a brighter financial future.

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