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We are delighted to have launched Humaniti – a personal finance app to help you discover your net worth, understand and track your spending, and earn some money along the way. It’s the place where you can Link, Learn and Earn.

After two years of planning and development, we have created a tool that allows everyday Australians to see their financial position on a simple dashboard, understand their spending, and receive tips and comparisons to get more organised and plan a brighter future. Our members also have the option to earn real dollars along the way by engaging in surveys and polls. Our article on how Humaniti’s personal finance app can help you get a better handle on your personal finances explains how Humaniti works in greater detail.

The response so far has been outstanding, and we have already helped Australians categorise over $180,000,000 in everyday transactions, better understand their net worth, and how to make changes over time.

We also partner with charities and causes who are focussed on helping make the world a better place. It’s part of why we are called Humaniti.


Link, Learn & Earn with Humaniti

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