Learning from our “Humanitirians”

At Humaniti we are always looking to understand how we can continue to improve the platform and ensure we are giving our “Humanitirians” the best (and most useful) experience possible.  So, we decided to use our survey software to ask our members what they thought.

Encouragingly most of our Humanitirians felt we were on the right track, with 80% feeling the portal was useful and 81% saying they would recommend it to a friend.  Great feedback, and we are now building ‘refer a friend’ functionality into our plans.

When we launched Humaniti we felt people would join for different reasons, whether it be the ability to manage their finances, earn money via surveys, or give back to charity.  However, what we are finding is people are joining for one reason and discovering the additional benefits:

I joined as it looked like another great opportunity to receive rewards for my opinions. The expenditure breakdown is also a tool that I was pleasantly surprised by. I didn’t think I had use for it, but it is nice to have a breakdown on where exactly my money is going

I joined Humaniti to access the helpful financial and spending tools. There’s also surveys available to complete to earn a little more spending money on the side or you can donate your earnings to charity! It’s a great tool for every modern day person looking to get their life and finances in order and have fun and earn something back while doing so

We review every comment from our members to see how they can help us improve our community.  There will be more surveys to come, but please feel free contact us at support@humaniti.com any time.


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