More than $700m of transactions categorised!

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Credit and debit card use on the rise

Research at the RBA shows that Australians now use credit or debit cards to pay for more things than cash. This is a significant milestone, but the trend is only going to continue as both America and Sweden are now at 80% card payments. What does this mean for how we manage our lives, and beyond no longer carrying cash around, how can we use it to our advantage?

Transactions create a digital record of where we are spending our money. A scan through your internet banking can give you a good summary of what is going on, however tools like Humaniti can take it that one step further. Humaniti helps demonstrate where your money is going across all your accounts and allows you to see patterns that can help you manage your finances……. How much are you paying in subscriptions each month?  What is the total of your utility payments in the last year? Are you overspending on non-essential items?

Humaniti can help

At Humaniti we have now categorised more than $200 million dollars of transactions for our Humanitirians, giving them more opportunities to see how much, where and how often they are spending.

More importantly, as a member, you can now decide if you want to do something differently as a result of seeing all your finances in one place.

UPDATE – 20TH SEPTEMBER 2019 – We have now categorised more than $700m for our members!

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Understand your spend on subscriptions

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Tracking spend and subscriptions

It’s pretty important to understand your spend on subscriptions these days. Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Apple music, cloud storage, news platforms, dating apps … they give us personalised products and we love them, but they come at a cost.  Often a monthly cost that can make sticking to a budget difficult.

Gone are the days where we simply pay for something once, and never think about it again. From VHS to Netflix, CDs to Spotify, Car Loan to GoGet, we live in a world today where renting and streaming has become the new norm.

The convenience of these subscription services and the availability of huge libraries of content is a marvel of modern technology and gives many access to what they couldn’t have before.

Add this together with the new world of micro-purchases on your phone or tablet and you can quickly find yourself paying hundreds of dollars a month in subscriptions you no longer use! Do you know how much you are actually spending each month?

New feature launch – subscriptions monitoring

At Humaniti we’ve launched our new subscriptions tracking feature on our personal finance app, to help you understand your subscriptions and get these under control. We automatically analyse your transactions to make visible to you all the things you buy month after month. We’ll also be enhancing this as we go along to bring other less regular subscriptions to light.

So members, log in today and check out the new subscriptions feature to understand your spend on subscriptions. You may be able to save yourself more than you thought!  In fact, one of our founders has already saved himself $480 per year using this feature.

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can help you build a brighter financial future, please let us know. We’ll be making a number of exciting updates to the app shortly, so stay tuned for further updates!

Purifying 4L of water – every time you answer a Quick Poll

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Like the people at UNICEF, we believe that clean water is a right, not a privilege. That’s why we have made a commitment to contribute to reducing the 2.2 billion people around the world who do not have access to safe drinking water.

For every one-question “Quick Poll” that is answered by one of our members (or “Humanitirians”) we will purify 4 litres of water through UNICEF.

We are proud to announce that we have already purified over 675,000 litres of water and this number will grow dramatically as we launch a range of new Quick Polls for our Humanitirians to answer.


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Compare your super to other Australians

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Comparing your super to other Australians like you

Ever wondered how to compare your super balance to other people like you? Building a healthy superannuation balance is an important step in securing a great retirement. However, it’s hasn’t been very easy to compare your super to people like you – until now!

New feature launch – compare your super!

Building on our recent features, Humaniti has recently launched a simple super comparison feature that allows you to understand your superannuation balance versus people in the same age group and gender across Australia. This can help you understand how much you need to retireOnce you know exactly where you sit, you might want to make small changes now, to help your balance grow in the long run….. like regularly putting money directly into your super in addition to your employer contributions.

Our members can also deposit the money earned by completing surveys on Humaniti directly into your super account.  There may even be tax advantages when you top up this way.

How to compare your super to other Australians

Comparing your super to other Australians is very easy with Humaniti’s personal finance app. We already allow you to link your bank accounts to track your spending  and to view your net worth, so linking your super account was a great fit. To compare your super to others, simply link your super account via our mobile apps or web dashboard. Once connected, we’ll do the work behind the scenes to present a view of how your super compares to others like you. Once your super is added, it will also show up in your net worth view.

We hope you like the feature and welcome any feedback. Let us know what you think!